Who we are

Shores Digital is a digital marketing consultancy that operations across the UK and internationally.

Our certified UK based team, operates from Bournemouth by the sea and London.

We offer a flexible, cost effective solution to inhouse marketing, but with the  service and diverse skill set of an agency.

Our expertise includes:

1. Digital transformation, strategy and research

2. Digital fundraising and awareness

3. eCommerce and online sales

4. Membership and recruitment campaigns

5. Branding and reputation management

Our mission

To provide a simple outsourced digital solution to grow your business.

Our objectives

1.  To offer a simple and accessible solution

2. To provide a high Return On Investment

3. To offer a fast and convenient service

4. To deliver a quality service

Why outsource?

All businesses today require a digital impact to grow and there are plenty reasons to outsource digital. With constant change, organisations require immediate and flexible digital support. Growing organisations may not require a marketing department, but will need a professional cost-effective solution to fulfil the business need, without the price tag of a high end agency.

1. Speed

We can provide a solution to your digital needs within a short space of time. Our service means that you could have the professional support for your businesses within moments.

2. Flexible

Receive a high level service without long term commitment and expense, allowing you to put your business needs first.

3. Cost effective

We only charge billable hours of pure work without the cost of administration, delivering a high Return On Investment.

4. Results orientated

Using our expertise we deliver realistic results and reports, enabling you to see the value our services add to business growth.

5. We think outside the organisation

We offer an unbiased insight into business operations, to support your decision making and provide innovative solutions to complex challenges.

What do we do?

Using industry standard Chartered Institute of Marketing approaches, we think about your goals and how your audience communicates first. This enables us to understand  select marketing channels to get the results you need.  Channels include (and are by no means limited to):

• Websites

• Phone apps

• Online content, SEO and online advertising (PPC)

• Public Relations

• Video

• eShots

• Graphic design

• Social media

How our success is measured

We use a range of metrics to measure our success, based on your specific needs. These can be discussed at your initial consultation.